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Money Making Mastery 2012! Well Nick what can I say, Boom!Boom!Boom! WHAT A WEEK END, Great Speakers nice mix of Americans and Brits It was a great week end for me (A newbie ) to see that there is no shortage of Product or Helpful people to see me through my Apprenticeship You and Johhny should be Proud of yourself for putting on an AWESOME WEEKEND! Thanks, Mike

my only disappointment was there was so much info to take notes of – ANON

The weekend was very exciting as it was my 1st event I have been to & totally new to this business, it was packed with people & packed with info from the word GO! So much so I had to leave a few minutes early because it had already gone over one & a half hrs on the last day & there was no time wasted! well done Nick & …Read More

Anonymous Comment

The Nick-James.com is very helpful for all those who want to start an Internet business in every aspect,the coaching you get in this site is incredible rarely to find anywhere else. Being a member of nickjames.com has helped me have my first web page online and get my first sale. The discussion forum is very helpful but the articles and video tutorials are awesome. I have not personally seen other …Read More

Kevin says…

“I am REALLY pleased with your service! The DVD was only ordered last night, and it arrived on my doormat at 09:05 this morning. Given that I live in Deepest Darkest Aberdeenshire, mail tends to take a day or so longer to arrive, so hats off to you!!!!” KEVIN J BLAIKIE

William says…

“This is the finest seminar I have ever attended. You have given me more in 2 days than I have ever received in the past. You will always be in my thoughts forever. Here’s to our success.” WILLIAM RUDD

John says…

“General content, very fulfilling and more than expected. Initial hour or so of motivational content not really necessary. Post conference information and advice availability – excellent – more than expected. Overall excellent and good value for money.” JOHN TREVETHICK

Alan says

“An excellent two days. Well up to expectations and extremely good value for money. Definitely over delivered.” ALAN PICKARD

John says…

“This weekend has been FAB! The content really terrific I thought I knew a fare bit about the business. I didn’t. I feel a lot more confident to proceed.” JOHN WILLIAMS

Martin says…

“I’ve got a fantastic amount of information to get my business off the ground. I also got a great deal of brilliant ideas from some of the participants at the course. I am only a few weeks away from launching my main internet business – the promised 4 hour one-to-one with Nick will be worth the cost of course all by itself” MARTIN FLINT

Patricia says…

“A very good and comprehensive overview and roadmap to starting up a successful internet business. A very honest and friendly presentation. So much information and promise of follow up. Nick you are a very approachable person. Thank you.” PATRICIA WARD