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This website contains independently submitted comments from customers of Internet Marketer and Product Developer Nick James.

For more information about Nick James please click any of the social media links above, or alternatively visit his flagship website at the Internet Marketing Training Club. This is the membership site Nick has been successfully running since starting his online business in 2001.

The Internet Marketing Training Club has one goal in mind; to provide a private membership area to assist like-minded entrepreneurs, who develop products and market them using the Internet

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  • Dave Owen - November 8th, 2017

    Winners Every Time

    Nick really does create and sell products which genuinely help his students on a daily basis. When we buy we all want to know WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME and every product from Nick does enable you to move forward in your business a step at a time. It's very easy to get side tracked, lost in information overload but Nick's products are the answer.... Effective, concise, easy to follow report topics to give you the direction when you need it the most. Dave

  • Steve Haase - October 27th, 2017

    Instant Email Campaign Review

    I purchased the Instant Email Campaign product and I have been very impressed by how well written these emails are. They are now my go to templates when I'm stumped for email content. Whether I'm writing a single product promotion or a full email autoresponder email series, Instant Email Campaign has it covered. I have been so impressed with the product that I have been recommending it to all of my email lists and social media followers.It's an incredible value. I've paid much more for various software apps that allegedly do the same thing, but are so complicated to setup, with creating avatars and all kinds of other things you have to setup just to get it to spit out a simple promotional email then still have to edit after, that it's not worth the bother. Who has time for all that ? That's what I like about Instant Email Campaign. I just go to the table of contents, find the template I'm looking for then modify it for my purposes and I'm done. Nothing complicated at all. The emails produced are well written and convert very well. I highly recommend this to ANY business, for any niche.

  • Bill Richards - October 27th, 2017

    Good, solid information at a very good price!

    I have been using this information for a short time, and I am seeing good results, so I shall continue to use it. I have found that dealing with Nick is a better than average experience, I find Nick to be Honest, Knowledgeable, Helpful, and easy to contact and will provide answers to most questions, what he doesn't know he will find out. Buying from Nick is an Easy, Safe, process..............Bill Richards.

  • Nick Hoad - October 23rd, 2017

    Good Quality Products

    It's good to have a series of ready made emails that you can adapt and set up in an autoresponder, that you can use again and again for whatever niches you want.

  • Linda Andersson - August 22nd, 2017

    Instant Email Subscribers and The Ultimate List Of Lead Magnet Ideas

    Hi Nick, Thanks for asking. I submitted my first batch through List Joe, and the only outcome was 30 SPAM emails from List Joe. Not sure if I'm missing something, here. I haven't gotten any leads, but am willing to stick with it and perhaps upgrade at some point. Also, your landing page video is way too long. The only thing that got me through it was your amazing voice. It really could use some graphics or bullet points instead of the text of what you're saying. Maybe I'm a little critical because I'm a filmmaker, so you know I'm always picking at multi-million dollar films as well... Takes the fun out of it sometimes. ; ) The List of Lead Magnet Ideas, is something I'm saving to read over the weekend. Been too busy otherwise. It's a pleasure to receive your info. Thanks, Linda

  • Ng Chee Seng - August 22nd, 2017

    Instant Email Subscribers

    The Informations provided in Instant Email Subscribers are informative and shows me the applications to the solutions too. Great Informations to apply and benefits from the Course.

  • Chris Slinger - August 8th, 2017

    So simple but wow!

    I had no idea how easy it could be to get your email out to at least a 1000 people and without having your own list! For someone just starting out with his first proper product this was the best money I have ever spent. The fact that it is also used by Nick and he shows his results is also testimony to how well it works. I can't wait to try it for myself.

  • John Beer - August 7th, 2017


    The customer service....... is very helpful, detailed and prompt Communication.................likewise is very helpful, detailed and prompt Price paid and value.........attractive Any results....................... still working on it but I shall win! How am I.........................great Buying experience..........apart from a couple of wee gremlins, that Kate solved, very good indeed Anything else.................. You have absolutely no idea how supportive yours and Kate’s attitude is as it encourages me to succeed Nick. A big thank you!

  • Norman Firth - August 4th, 2017

    Read The List And Let It Feed Your Imagination

    Nick's at it again! he's produced yet another brilliant product. The Ultimate List of Lead Magnets. He's presented us with so many ideas that you can't help but pick a few that you could develop on. I know they've sparked a few ideas that I can use. We all think of Lead Magnets as FREE gifts that we offer to our niche market to get them to opt in to our list and that's a great first step. But I'm thinking on a step and am about to send out an email autoresponder to my list using a question and answer technique every day over a six day period. Over the six day period my list will learn something everyone seeking to make money online needs to know. On the seventh day as a reward for taking part I will offer them a Lead Magnet designed to get them to purchase a product I'm promoting. Now that's a powerful tool and I'm using it to promote the actual sale. Thanks for the idea Nick! Some people might think 'what's all the fuss about a list' but it's not the list it's what you can do with it, let your imagination run riot and you may surprise yourself. The price of the document is easily affordable especially when you consider the value you can get out of it for your own business. It's immediately accessible so there is nothing to hold you up.

  • Stanley Crichton - August 4th, 2017

    Instant Email Subscribers

    We are certainly contacting a large number of people but to date it would appear they were mainly other people offering services rather than looking for an opportunity. Early days...

  • Richard Larcombe - August 4th, 2017

    Instant Email Subscribers & Ultimate Free Traffic - Short and to the point

    The 2 products were short and to the point, which is better than having to read hundreds of pages. Also the information could be put into action easily so that you can get results quickly.

  • Paul Brooks - August 4th, 2017

    Truly first class products

    Nick and his team produce really first class products that you can't fail to learn from.

  • John Fyfe - July 27th, 2017

    Internet Marketing Training Club

    Hi, my name is John. For a long time, I sat on the fence before I decide to join Nick's Internet Marketing Training Club. The membership site is full of powerfully written articles and excellent videos. I enjoyed reading the articles. I learned a great deal. It brought home how much I had forgotten. The video tutorials like I said before are excellent and easy to follow. Nick also emails PDF action plans which I will be implementing shortly. The printed Newsletter! What can I say, it is second to none. Brilliant. Only wished I had Joined sooner. Best wishes in all that you do. John Fyfe

  • Chris Whiting - July 18th, 2017

    Conversion Rate Maximiser

    Another quality,well written and useful product from the Nick James stable at IMTC. When you purchase this product and follow the easy to understand process, your internet (or even a brick and mortar) business will definitely take off. We now have a library of similar products that are genuine VFM and have truly enhanced our business. If you are looking for a business mentor then you wont find better than Nick. He won the "Internet Marketer of the Year" 2016 and will probably be a front runner for the 2017 award.

  • Norman Firth - July 18th, 2017

    It's got to be the way to go for anyone new to this industry, it's a no-brainer

    If you are new to this industry you will have worked out that the biggest problem you will face is getting a foothold in the Market Place, not because of any perceived lack of talent or because your products are deemed not up to scratch. It's a simple matter of credibility or rather lack of. From a customer's point of view, why would they buy a money making program from you with no proven track record when they can buy from Nick James or or any other of the major names in the industry with great track records and credibility by the bucket load. The Joint venture type strategy as explained in great detail in the Ultimate FREE Traffic program has got to be the answer to any newbies prayers. It removes the major stumbling block by giving the new Entrepreneur the opportunity of seeking a joint venture partnership with someone with an Established Name and a List and what's more important the inclination to promote your products to their own list. if you're smart enough to make the right choice they will continue to so for months and months. Set up properly this is not just a one hit wonder it will create passive income for a year or more. Of course you will have to agree a 50/50 share of the profits, so what. Would you rather have 50% of a lot or 100% of nothing? The opportunity gets better because there's is nothing to stop you partnering with two or three or even more of these Established Names and of course if both parties make money why wouldn't you/they do it again. You absolutely must purchase a copy of Ultimate FREE Traffic it is very modestly priced, No, actually it's a give away when you think what it could do for your business. Communications with Nick and Kate are pleasurable as they both know that the key to any long term business success is building relationships with customers. The product is accessible within a matter of minutes after purchase which is easy. Nick is a genuine guy who remembers what it was like for him starting out, Ask a question and either he or Kate will get back to you quickly. I can tell you that I have a new product ready to go and I will be going down this route for sure if anyone will have me. Norman Firth

  • TONY DEVLIN - June 27th, 2017


    I joined Nick's Internet Marketing Training Club a few years back but let it drop as i had a finger in too many other pies with off-line business...i rejoined again as i'm convinced the internet is here for my lifetime anyway and will be the place to do business in future. I'm still not sure what possible route i'll follow (affiliate/product creation/mlm/selling on ebay/Amazon etc.) but Nick's info is a superb guide - especially good is the technical detail on the smaller "simpler" stuff that most other "gurus" take for granted you know already - "cutting and pasting" is about my tech knowledge limit. The response to any communication/posts in the members' forum is always ultra quick as well. Most of Nick's "free stuff" is as good if not better than info other punters charge quite a bit for. The Internet Marketing Training Club is very good value,

  • Norman Firth - June 15th, 2017

    This Definitive Guide Reveals the Secrets of Growing Your Own Successful Affiliate Business with the Emphasis on You!

    Nick I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Affiliate Commission Game Plan and to say how refreshing it is to read a course that is so obviously written for the benefit of the purchaser and not the vendor. I would recommend it to everyone who has an interest in making money online. All the component parts are there and it is presented in a clear and logical format, it is in my opinion a definite blueprint for success. It is clearly written by someone who has done it all and made a lot of money. Your organisation's response to questions and requests for further information is quick and efficient. The product is definitely priced to sell and comes with instant access but, the real value comes from the fact that your teaching is oriented towards me as you reveal the secrets to building a Successful Affiliate Business that will give me the opportunity to derive maximum benefit for my efforts. You seem to have concentrated your efforts on developing a trusting relationship with your customer base and coupled this with a customer led approach to teaching, this results in the money flowing in both directions. What a great business model! By contrast many of your contemporaries seem to ignore this and teach customers how to operate an Affiliate Business that sprinkles a little commission in their direction whilst deliberately keeping the business building secrets to themselves in order to deny the customer this opportunity whilst maximizing their own benefits.

  • Brian Brambley - April 21st, 2017

    Internet Marketing Training Club

    Your site is overflowing with gifts, opprtunities and products. I use to belong to a site called "Future World" with products to sell at 50%; not a patch on your site. With your site you have the magic to pull people in; the opportunities are so great that you have to be involved.  I'm really glad I joined you. Your star rating is wrong it should be seven star.

  • Mike Hird - April 10th, 2017

    IMTC and G.R.O.W.T.H dvd

    IMTC, 5 Stars, can't fault it - Long term membership worth every penny! The Growth Goals DVD (4 Stars) had excellent content, although the presentation was a little too much "Ra-Ra-Cheerleader" delivery for me - Probably could have condensed it into a shorter time frame, but, as soon as I saw he was from the States, I knew what I was in for!

  • Colin Platt - March 29th, 2017

    Five Stars *****

    *Value* I wish I could give as much value to my customers! It's never ending, even down to Nick's mouse pad, which is ever present. Out of 10, it must be 10. Thank you Nick.