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  • Shane Doyle - June 8th, 2023

    What a journey!

    I enrolled on Nick James's highly recommended 'Serious About Six Figures' (SASF) Membership after buying his eye-opening book 'Six Figures A Year in Info Publishing'. The SASF membership has indescribable value if you are new to the Information Publishing industry (or want to expand your knowledge in the field). I have learnt so much, so rapidly, it's been a fantastic journey. The content on the membership site - along with Nick's sage advice, backed up by decades in the industry - has not only enabled me to avoid so many pitfalls, but has also fast forwarded my progress in leaps and bounds. And I'm happy to say, that am just weeks away from launching an Info product online. If you are serious about making money online - and doing it the right way - you can do no better in my humble opinion than allowing Nick (and his wife Kate) to show you the path in a structured, ethical and enjoyable way. Nick and Kate really care about your success and this shines through in the book and the membership site - and of course those incredibly useful helpdesk emails. You can't wish for a better team! If you genuinely want to taste success online, buy Nick's book that I mentioned above, before joining the SASF membership. And finally start your profitable journey online...

  • Jean-Francois Trin - June 7th, 2023

    Nick James is an exceptional digital marketer and mentor!

    Nick James is an exceptional digital marketer and mentor. His courses are filled with business-building techniques and proven marketing strategies that produce real results. I've been a student of his for many years and have purchased multiple products from him with great success. What sets Nick apart is his ongoing commitment to customer service and support. Whenever I've had an issue or question, his wife Kate has gone above and beyond to help me. Recently, when I encountered a technical issue, they were both quick to respond and resolved the problem in no time. I highly recommend Nick James and his courses to anyone looking to take their digital marketing to the next level. Thank you Nick and Kate for your outstanding service!

  • Anthony Milston - January 6th, 2023

    Nick is the real deal!

    I've been around this online marketing space for years and wasted time, money and energy following the next shiny new object. I was hesitant about following Nick at first but gradually after purchasing some inexpensive information provided by Nick and reading his excellent books on Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing and his 101 on how to use PLR, my hesitation has evaporated! Nick is darn right down to earth and says it how it is. No more shiny new onject syndrome or following spurious "gurus" at the cost of my time and money, I've made my selection of mentors and Nick is most certainly on my list. He's not a fluff a filler kind of guy and has a real story of struggle in his earlier years before reaching his pinnacle of success. It takes time to build trust in this here life and to save you time, I hope my review of Nick will help you save time with your decision on who and why to trust... Read his books and invest in your self and future - after all what have you got to lose?

  • Bruce Venter - December 6th, 2022

    Best value online business course available anywhere.

    I was able to read and study Nick James’s eBook, The Lazy Way To Email Riches, in one evening. It enabled me to get started immediately. Then to top it all, in record time, on the second day from joining, I received his book, Six Figures a Year in Info Publishing. It was so attention grabbing that as soon as I opened the envelope, I sat down and began to read it in my first session, I reached one third of the way through. I can’t wait to finish it later today. Nick writes so well that I’m impatient to read all he’s sent me online and use it to change my life! I highly recommend this motivated mentor to get you moving to achieve all your dreams in less time than you thought possible..

  • Wendy Francis - November 8th, 2022

    Must have Download Page Protector on your WP Site.

    WP Download Page Protector is brilliant to me just amazing product for anyone who has a WP site. This a must have plugin, I really had no clue that people would think to steal off the internet like that. I didn't think that it was such a big problem and I was struggling to think someone would steal from me in this way, looking at the page protector it shows you what could happen if you do not have this plugin on your site. The price is fine you get a very good value for your money and more. WP download page protector has it's own support service if you need help which is good. I would recommend this to anyone who has a WP site and trying to have a little business online and to make sure you get paid for your products every time.

  • Angela Zhang - July 26th, 2022

    WP Download Page Protector: Useful tools and very impressive installation guide service

    This tool is really useful and solved an annoying problem. It took me a little bit trouble to install this tool, but Nick's very patient guidance got me through the process. Great purchase and service experience!

  • Christopher Kaminski - April 29th, 2022

    What a Godsend the Internet Marketing Newsletter has been!

    For years, I've been disappointed by the quality of PLR products offered by many in the Internet Marketing industry. Some offer big packages with a lot of content, but the content is cr*p. It's not even worth taking the time to rewrite... Every issue of Nick James' Internet Marketing Newsletter has delivered fresh content with keen insights designed to show anyone simple ways to make money online. My favorite part is the case studies where you can see the simple methods other marketers use to succeed. This is Top-Notch marketing info and it comes with a PLR license. I'm ecstatic I get to use it in my marketing!!! Thank you Nick and Kate for sharing this with us!

  • John Balderstone - March 1st, 2022

    Missed first hour+could not access.

    I would have to access again which i know is not possible. Kindest. John. ADMIN REPLY: John, I'm sorry you missed the beginning of this live event. The link to log in to the dashboard and proceed through check-in was emailed to you upon confirming your place. While I have found an email from you asking how to log in, to which I replied, we did not hear back from you after this. We then saw you join the meeting. I am sorry if you found the process of joining this live virtual event confusing and we will take steps to simplify it moving forward. - Kate James

  • Tairi Maoate - March 1st, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: "I feel like someone's just handed me a license to print money. Don't tell anyone

    I attended Nick James' 1-day Licensing Workshop. Here is what I wanted to know: 1. How to take a licensed/private label right product and repackage it for on-sell. I wanted to see the details. Where to start, what steps to take, and the strategy. Usually, when you attend one of these webinars or masterclasses, the gurus or teachers just shimmy over the top and waltz right past the detail, hurrying to get to a bloody sale pitch. This was absolutely different. Nick not only gave us the step by step framework, but he also showed us the target document end-result and the standard required. As he was doing the "surgery, he slowly did q&a sessions along the journey so that any queries we might have had going live...were immediately addressed. Did this using 2 technology boards. Very convenient from a learner's point of view. The Q&A process was so invaluable. There were questions asked by others that triggered thought impulses like "shux, that's right, I never thought of that". For example, there was a guy called David. Pretty sharp questions which made one think. I later found out that he is an internet fella himself. Was surprised to see him there, learning from Nick, given he is pretty sharp at this game. Later found out that he bought a licensed info product for $15 and made $417k out of that PLR. Feels good to be learning from a pro like Nick who even has other pros take time to attend his digital events for newbies to advanced practitioners. Respect. Nick obviously is known for his integrity. I have taken what I've learnt and created my first repackaged, repurposed licensed product. I intend to create a stable of products that fit in a funnel all based on private label rights. My shot at a repackaged licensed product? Still rough..but I am happy I was inspired by the Workshop to just take inspired action and kick arse. I am grateful to Nick and Kate for taking the time to show us how. Sometimes when you are starting out, you have doubts because there is no one in front of you, like a teacher or coach, showing you what to do, how to do, and in what order. Worst of all, you don't sort of know what the end result is supposed to look like. No one shows you their end product. Nick not only showed us, but he gave us the opportunity to invest in his repackaged example so we have a digital copy of said sample forever! I am now confident in going forward and building more products to fill out my offers. I feel like someone has just handed me a license to print money. I will eagerly watch out for any future Workshop from Nick and Kate. 'Identifying Hot Markets' and 'Building Lists' come to mind. Don't tell anyone. Just keep all of this "locked-down" Ok?

  • John Zurales - March 1st, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: The crinkled post it note

    I have a post it on my monitor for work that says "my role is to get and keep causes set in motion, and not to do all the detail work".   You see, I lead a team as part of my job, and know that if I get too involved in the detail, then I am not doing my job.  Part of my role is to hire and supervise people that already have the technical knowhow needed. This includes both employees and contractors. They just need to understand the goals, get up to speed on our process, and then get going. My role is to help identify the issues, and get the right resources to help the team out, which keeps the project moving and on track. Having the right processes in place, and a plan for help when inevitable issues come up, is a formula for success as a manager in my role.  I don't need to know the ins and outs of every detailed nuance, and my primary responsibility is for the results of my team. I've found that in the online marketing and PLR world, I was committing the very mistake my post-it said I should not do. I was lost in the mechanics of each step, forever trying to learn how to use tools that all had a learning curve to become proficient. There are a ton of tools to learn, and since I used them so infrequently, when I went back to that step on a different project it was almost like starting over. I also kept buying one shiny object after another and started losing track of what I had acquired. The result was I was forever learning but not getting anything done. The good thing was that I had already been exposed to most of the tools during the course of my shiny object search Nick explained his entire business process for Licensed products and showed the actual tools he used as we worked through the end to end business process of a successful business model. Nick explained the significance of each step and focused on what was important. The emphasis was on the overall goals of each step rather than the detailed "how to" details. He showed us how to find someone with the right skillset to help with the process at a reasonable cost, along with free or reasonably priced tools needed for each step. The most important thing was how he used the combination of tools and resources in his own unique way that allow him to develop a proven, repeatable business process. I learned from the Licensing Workshop the process that needs to be done to become successful with Licensed PLR. My aha moment came afterwards as I was reflecting on what I had learned. Becoming successful online, whether with licensed PLR or another online business, needs to be approached in much the same manner as my role as a manager in a large company. What I had learned is what that crinkled up post it note on my monitor said: "My role is to get and keep causes set in motion, not to do the detailed work. " This entire online thing could be approached like my job. • Nick showed us the business process. • He showed the tools he uses and some additional options. • He showed us where to find people with certain needed technical skills • He showed us that this could be done with many free and low cost tools for all the key steps • He also provided a path forward, so that once we understood the process, we could leverage and scale it up. Suddenly, this did not seem to be so complicated after all. Nick provided his insights in a very down to earth, relatable manner, and laid out like a cookbook for a multi-course meal. Now, it is up to me, to get that first project done and launched from end to end. Just like cooking, we will learn from the first time through, and get better each time. The workshop laid out a well defined, proven business process that is very repeatable. So I believe that my day spent in the Licensing Workshop was time very well spent. Now I just need to follow the post it note by getting the cause set in motion, and not get mired in the detail work.

  • Bryan Bosley - March 1st, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: Out Performs ANY Other I Have Attended!!!

    Finally, a workshop that actually shows you how to implement what they are teaching and not just telling you what you need to do and then leaving you on your own or selling you another service/product to implement the teachings. Refreshing and interactive! I would recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to do the work. If you are looking for a push button to riches, you will not find it here (or anywhere else for that matter). I have been following Nick and Kate for years and love the way they present the details simply. Worth the time and effort!!

  • Nick Reyes - February 24th, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: Review

    By definition a workshop is for solving a problem. The problem to solve here is most marketers, myself included, buy PLR products and never use them for their intended purpose,i.e., to save time and money in creating new products to sell. But why does this happen? Mostly, I believe, because we do not know what and how to modify a plr product to make it uniquely ours. That, for sure, can no longer be our excuse. Nick and his graphic designer did a masterful job of demonstrating exactly how to rebrand the title, author name, text, and graphics. Adding a Resource List is a must to increase your sales.They also gave us a list of free and paid tools. I have seen other how-to modify PLR instructions, but Nick's is by far the best. I now feel confidant I can do a credible job of creating new products from PLR. Highly recommended!

  • Robert Currie - February 24th, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: Success for future Business

    Up to now, I had no idea about internet publishing until I sat and watched the Licencing Workshop Live.  It has given me a whole new concept and frame of mind to help me with the concept of internet marketing.  I think that the information that Nick brilliantly gave to us was well presented and will help me to achieve a very healthy bank balance and way of life. Now it is up to me to implement the course of where I want to go.

  • Robert Borsuk - February 22nd, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: Learn The "Behind The Scenes" Secrets That Can Save You Hundreds And Make You Thousands

    Ever wanted to be that "fly on the wall" that gets to hear the secrets of successful content licensing product launch? That's exactly what happened at the Licensing Live Workshop presented by Nick James. During the presentation I was filling my notebook from the ideas presented, knowing that most people just talk, but Nick actually walks the talk. He does this AND he's successful doing it but lets not mince words but get into some of the secret sauce. Starting with the material itself, you learn what makes good licensable material (PLR) and what doesn't. Bad PLR is normally going to lead to you having a ton of work to do, or even worse, a failed product. Next, we dived into the real meat and potatoes of what to do with your content after you have it and even the concept of if one piece of PLR on the subject is enough? After choosing we moved to master techniques on content manipulation saving me and my business time and ultimately hundreds of dollars was pure gold. From there, we transitioned into positioning the content for sale. How to construct a sales page that sells complete with do's and don'ts. Platform agnostic, Nick offers suggestions on different ways to present your offer to the public. Now the biggie comes into play, TRAFFIC. This is the part that always gets both newbies and experts alike. My pen was following onto my paper to write down the wonderful ideas presented. No matter at what level you are at, you will definitely have some takeaways in this area. I did and it was action I could take immediately. These ideas alone are worth more than the price of the workshop because I can use them all across my business. I'm sure to make thousands from these. Did we miss anything? Nick deep dove into a final Q&A where he answered questions from beginners and veterans alike. Oh wow, pen out again to grab some more great ideas. The final finish - a standing ovation to Nick James and his wonderful wife Kate who worked behind the scenes. Also to his wonderful graphic artist Robert who was willing to show us behind the scenes, and some of his "secret sites", for graphic creation and photo manipulation.

  • Dave Clark - February 22nd, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: The Incredible Six Figure PLR Licensing Workshop

    I was not sure what to expect from Nicks new Licensing Workshop as I have already purchased many of Nick’s products, both old and new. But I took the plunge and signed up. I am very glad I did. Nick is a very good speaker and put the (considerable) audience quickly at ease. The main theme of the Licensing Workshop was how to take a PLR and rebrand it, repackage it, and prepare it ready to sell in a matter of a few days. (Less if you used outsourcers. Nick went through how to rebrand the PLR package step by step and came up with two ideas for renaming the finished package. He then asked the audience to vote on which package was best. The one I voted for came second, I usually select the wrong option but that is just me. Speaking to Nick through his help desk and he thought the same as me. Thank The next stage was choosing a catchy domain name and choosing a host. When this was done we all took a break and when we came back, after about 1/2 hour, Nick’s tech guy had installed the domain, the SSL certificate, and the site was up and running. Orders started coming in almost straight away. The first two weeks profits are being donated to charity then the website will be transferred to one of the attendees who contributed the most comments and likes to the Zoom call. Also discussed was how to edit the graphics on a free online Photoshop alternative and how to use a free online HTML editor to build the site. Several other useful sites were mentioned including one for editing audio files in a very unique way. This latter website, if it does what I think it I will earn me more than the cost of the Workshop. Hint, no one can copyright a voice, according to legal.com This is an excellent Workshop and if you attend, if it is done live again it will be well worth the money you pay. I expect that it will more than likely be available as a recording and I would recommend you purchase it, whether live or recorded. This was $97 well spent for about 6 hours of premium information. What else can you buy for $16 an hour that has the potential to earn you 6 figures a year for a few hours a week?

  • Bryan Toder - February 22nd, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: What Are You WAITING For?!

    Nick's Licensing Workshop is perfect for the "newbie" in the PLR field! While this isn't a "course on PLR", it is a course on USING PLR from other vendors, creators, and such to create your OWN products, courses, and more to create a real business out of PLR. In the live workshop, we learned: • Where to find great PLR products (not crappy ones). • Nick's step-by-step framework for success. • The 7 deadly mistakes to avoid. • Nick's top 3 traffic sources. ... and more. We were taken by the hand and shown behind-the-scenes of a successful multi-million dollar information publishing business. What a day!

  • TROY THOMPSON - February 22nd, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: PLR

    When he said to make that PLR product your own that was eye-opening for me nobody else has told me that. I have some products but they just have my name on them and I changed the titles. I tried UDIMI with poor results out of 600 clicks I got only 19 subscribers one of the sellers told me solo ads is not designed for double opt-in only single so when you talked about direct mail that was something else I didn't think about. I believe in the coming months I could generate 5 to 6 figures by using direct mail and really tweaking the PLR to make it my own. I already have hosting and a blog that I'm working on but the products I have right now I plan to use as freebies which I have 33 and they are already ready to go on my hosting. I plan to put a subscription form on my blog and offer free products that I already have and increase my list but using direct mail for a quality PLR product for income.

  • Hakim Dangleben - February 22nd, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: Value Packed

    Strangely, I always saw pdf documents as lead magnets, door openers, or even $20 offers and lower. At the live workshop, I learned so much about the value of PLRs. The profit potential because of the different ways that anyone can disseminate them. I had so many ahh haa moments and came up with several ideas on how I can use PLRs to monetize and add value to the marketplace. It was also interesting to learn three different ways to produce PLRs. A method for everyone, no matter your writing skill, language, knowledge on the topic or situation. I am very passionate about personal development. PLRs will significantly assist me in monetizing while getting me leads to know, like, and trust me and add value to their lives. With the information acquired from the live workshop, I expect to add $50k - $100k or more to my business. I've purchased other products from Nick, and they provide so much applicable information.

  • ANDREW HARDY - February 22nd, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: Simple steps accompanied by live demonstrations at every step

    The great thing about this live workshop is that it was exactly what was sent on the tin. Simple steps accompanied by live demonstrations at every step Nick patiently took us through the exact steps that he uses in creating and marketing any new product. The old Chinese proverb which says that one picture is worth a thousand words is profoundly true here and you could say that one demonstration is worth 1000 pictures. My attendance has given me the confidence and belief that I can do this. Well done Nick, a great session. PS: Nick gave even more value and ran on well beyond the allotted time to make sure that all participant's questions were fully and comprehensively dealt with

  • Bryan Bosley - February 22nd, 2022

    Licensing Workshop Live: Great Workshop!!!

    During the workshop, Nick taught, step by step, how to take any PLR in any niche and make it our own. He not only showed you the "how" to use PLR properly for profit, but he also gave us the "why" we need to do these things. Nick shared ideas on how to package products to increase their value and de-commoditize your product to make it stand out in the crowd. He also had his personal graphics designer on the call showing us exactly how easy it is to modify the graphics with free tools you can get access to on the web. One of the most interesting ideas for me was the little-known traffic source Nick shared and how to use it. I don't want to steal Nick's thunder, by telling you the source. Ask Nick. One of the unique things I found with this workshop was the "check-in" process the day before and the day of. You would log in to Zoom and have a face-to-face with Nick's wife Kate to make sure you were able to connect and use Zoom. This made the workshop move much better as there were no distractions with attendees not being able to access the room. I have purchased many, many PLR products, but have made ZERO dollars from them. Mainly because I did not know how to use them properly. UNTIL NOW!!! I am very excited to dust off one of the products I have purchased recently and work the process shared in the workshop to make my first $$$$$ online with PLR. I am now confident I can make this work!!!