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  • Martin Dawson - August 31st, 2021

    Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing - 5 star

    If you haven't already read Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing, then get hold of this excellent book by Nick immediately! It is absolutely packed with so much useful information from page to page. An absolute must for anybody wanting to get started, or even already working, with PLR products.

  • Richmond Kennedy - August 27th, 2021

    I am so glad I got The Product Licensing Formula

    This is another top notch course from Nick James. I was never disappointed with "The Hidden PLR" and equally impressed with the quality and comprehensive information and training offered in The "Product Licensing Formula". I have known Nick for years and he is consistent with producing quality and valuable courses and products. I don't hesitate getting his products. I highly recommend "The Product Licensing Formula" to any anyone serious about online business. 155 pages, video, Cheat sheet, Bonuses, and more.  Wow! very impressive. Thank you Nick

  • Robert Bradley - August 27th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course

    Since 2016 my entire internet selling experience has been with Amazon Canada and Amazon U.S. Recently, I was introduced to PLR through another mentor who recommended checking out Nick James. That led to my purchase of the Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course. I was glued to each of the 156 pages until I had consumed it entirely. The easy-to-read step-by-step course has lots of examples that help a beginner visualize the idea behind each step. After completing the brainstorming strategy to find an interesting niche I will narrow my choices down to get started in PLR. One step at a time is my path to success. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised at how smooth it flows.

  • Terry Phong - August 25th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula home study course

    I've been purchasing Private Label Rights (PLR) products for a couple of years now and only have a very basic idea of how to use them. I haven't quite scratched the surface and hence the reason for picking up this course. I've not fully gone through the Product Licensing Formula home study course yet, but from what I have gone through (the video) I found the information simply invaluable. I've learned where we start is not always where we'll end up and that licensing can open up a whole new world of business opportunities. The information I've gleaned so far is pure gold and I can't wait to start implementing what I've learned so far and what I will learn.

  • Dave George - August 25th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula - The Complete Package

    The Product Licensing Formula is a very detailed, very complete program for using and creating content. It is 156 pages of pure gold from what I have read so far. I'm still going thru the training so I can't give you a detailed review but what I have read so far has been terrific and it couldn't have come at a better time. Due to an upcoming change in my business model, the Product Licensing Formula is going to help me make the change to my business model with minimum interruption. Very much recommend it. It is the finest course I have seen of this type.

  • Jim Donnelly - August 24th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula

    The best and most up to date package on Product Licensing This package contains everything needed to start selling licensed products and succeeding . It combines a live presentation by Nick with a comprehensive training package. It is both informative ,interesting and easy to implement . If you are considering investing just go for it. Nick includes great training, bonuses, cheat sheets and all the info needed to succeed. Nick has done it and continues to do it and investing in this outstanding package will give you the ammunition to do it as well. Great info at great value.

  • Percy Barr - August 24th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula

    Thank you Nick for providing KEY INFORMATION that is missing from every other PLR provider. Your training provided tons of ideas about how I can take all that PLR that I own and make a unique and viable product. Thanks for the missing key to making money with PLR. I would suggest people grab this training and start applying it as soon as they could.

  • Desiree Jordan - August 24th, 2021

    The Product Licensing Formula

    The Product Licensing Formula home study course is exactly what I have been looking for. I found the Product Licensing Formula home study course to be very helpful. I have been trying to learn how to make money with PLR for a few years. This course has given me a good start to creating my own products from PLR. Thank you so much! I have spent a lot of money on other courses that did not really help me. This course was more affordable than others I have bought, but it was a lot more helpful. I would encourage anyone who is wanting to learn how to make their own products from PLR to get this course.

  • John Milne - August 24th, 2021

    Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing

    On picking up the book and going through the first few pages it becomes obvious that Nick is a really well informed person. The book is stuffed full of information on exactly how to put to use in your own business website and marketing system. Reading through this book proved to be an easy read, all the information and details were well thought out and cleverly incorporated into Nick's vision for your business. Obviously I thought that the book was excellent value for money and I would absolutely encourage any fledgling marketer to invest the small sum to purchase this wealth of information.

  • Nick Reyes - August 24th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula

    Product Licensing Formula is about buying or licensing a ready-made digital product with private label rights. This means you can resell the product as-is or you can modify it in any manner permitted by the original owner and claim it as your own. The advantages are huge. It saves valuable time and money you would have to spend to develop the product from scratch. In a nutshell, it's another prime example of not reinventing the wheel - follow proven methods used by experienced and successful marketers. As usual Nick does a great job of presenting the what to look for, how to modify it, and a brief history of how billions have been made licensing products a la Bill Gates!

  • Terry Luffman - August 24th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula

    Very comprehensive training on Product Licensing. I have read it all the way through once and can now treat it as a Training as I work through each section. I have lots of PLR that just collect dust on my hard drive. After reading this course I now have the confidence to make use of the assets I have. Nick has a great introduction explaining how Product Licensing is a great business model that he continues to use. So the information is from someone who has done the hard yards. It has given me a good grounding in setting up a business that can be evergreen and very profitable... So thanks Nick

  • Herbie Yon - August 24th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula – Great product

    I am relatively new to the concept of PLR, so I’m pleased with this purchase. Nick’s Product Licensing Formula course provides me with all the information and tools to move forward with confidence. There is so much information in this training package that I have only had time to go through it quickly. But my first impression is that it’s an excellent course that makes no assumptions about any prior knowledge. Often when someone has been in the business as long as Nick has, they forget what it’s like to start from scratch and unintentionally leave out the basics. That is not the case here. While Nick’s expertise is evident, he has made this product suitable for newbies and experienced people alike.

  • Dennis Bancroft - August 24th, 2021

    Product Licensing Formula

    When I started reading the Product Licensing Formula by Nick James, I was blown away by what he was sharing. Not only does Nick share what to do, he also explains why and includes real life examples. The main training is over 150 pages of easy to read and follow step by step instruction on how to best find, modify, and market your licensing products. I’ve purchased training on PLR before, but Nick’s training is much more in-depth and actionable. I highly recommend the Product Licensing Formula to anyone that is building an online business.

  • Dennis Bancroft - August 24th, 2021

    Hidden PLR is the most comprehensive training on PLR

    When I received my copy of Hidden PLR, I immediately started to read it. After a few pages, I realized that the training was so stuffed full of golden nuggets that I had to start over and take notes. Nick takes you by the hand and shows you what you need to do with your PLR and how to do it. After going through step by step, he then shows you how to market what you have created.  This step was a bonus and is often neglected in other training. Thanks Nick!

  • Dave Clark - August 23rd, 2021

    Product Licensing Package Review

    This is a great package. It is easy to read and a complete guide to licensing. The 3 included licensed products (with PLR) are excellent quality although I am not keen on the cover designs but these are easy to replace. Nick’s products are always good quality and they have encouraged me to build several websites with PLR products on them. Thank you Nick and Kate for all your encouragement.

  • Anne Perez - August 23rd, 2021

    Hidden PLR: Excellent investment

    Hidden PLR is worth every penny. I get very impatient with videos but I watched the one included the whole way through since Nick provided such valuable information.

  • David Toone - August 15th, 2021

    Hidden PLR: Makes perfect sense

    The Hidden PLR makes perfect sense, the main message and takeaway I got was to make it your own, use it as a template but put your own spin on it. I hope I can now put it all into practice.

  • Richard Larcombe - August 12th, 2021

    Hidden PLR: Unique packaging

    There was some great information on how change PLR into something different to make a unique package and give it USP.

  • Edwin Allen - August 11th, 2021

    Hidden PLR is a must for anyone who has PLR on their hard drive

    This is a first as I do not usually give feedback to new products, but Hidden PLR is a cut above the rest. I have been a user of PLR for some years as I find itr gives me fresh ideas to feed on for my business. As a student of Nick James, I am well aware of the ideas which he constantly produces, so when he sent me a copy of Hidden PLR before it was published I was most interested, when I read it almost blown away Nick had already introduced me to licensing, but Hidden PLR takes it to a new level, I am already sorting out material that has been on my harddrive for some years ready to see what can be used. In fact I cannot recomend this product highly enogh, if you can get it buy it today.

  • Les Corr - August 11th, 2021

    Hidden PLR: Excellent

    Hi Nick & Kate I just wanted to say a big Thank You for the information and guidance you give in Hidden PLR. It is easy to follow and laid out in a clear, concise and doable fashion. It has finally given me the push I needed to realise that I can actually do this - and do it easily using material I already possess. In fact I'm well on the way to completing my first product already. Thanks again. Les