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Ian Carter: “What a Wonderful Wizzo Weekend!”

I’ve been to a fair few of these weekend events – call them “bootcamps”, “seminars” or whatever – and come away every time hyped up but overwhelmed. This time it’s different. Although the speakers were – without exception – excellent, what makes the Money Making Mastery 2012 event so special is the follow-up. I now have an actionable plan – and an all-important Accountability Buddy – to make sure I …Read More

Finally – someone I can connect with

I’ve tried lots of so-called “gurus” (that’s because they can’t spell “charlatan”) and Nick is the only one I’ve really felt that I can connect with. I recently attended one of his one-day events, and I’m hooked! Ian Carter

I Feel Like I’ve Just Woken Up!

As a member of Nick-James.com, and as someone who recently purchased the Cracking the Code home study course, I was invited to a Protégé workshop this weekend. What an event it was! So much valuable information, packed into just a one-day event. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep with all that stuff buzzing around in my head, but at the same time it felt as if I’d just …Read More