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Karen Robinson: “All I can say is WOW and bring on the 2013 event”

Hi Nick Massive thank you for organising the weekend. As one of your ‘newbies’ I came not sure what to expect – my business idea is still in the embryonic stage. I wasn’t disappointed, I’ve come away with my mind buzzing and now have some ideas to explore. Diane Conklin was my ‘light bulb’ moment. Without doubt she made me feel I could actually do something positive with my life …Read More


I love the format of the newsletter. The information is a pleasure to read – from the tips to the little gems of ‘inspiration’ there is always something to learn or just enjoy! Financially things are difficult for me at the moment with hubby out of work and only my income to pay all the bills and we all know how challenging the economic climate is at the moment. I’m …Read More