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My thoughts and path

Hi Nick

From my 2 + years I have been looking into the workings of Internet Marketing I have not been fortunate enough so far to find someone who has taking my experience,

 be it small into play and has given me the break where I am shown on videos, nor webinars etc: the basic framework/ the mechanics to start at a particular point. (  With these clicks you can move on from there and the results should be  ??? ).

Not having an internet buddy I feel it is a disadvantage,I  have aquired a huge knowledge base over this period of time and so far can’t attract a down line..I ask a questions which comes to my mind be it wise or foolish to someone else and have never receive a direct answer to that question, I am sent chasing all around the houses or a two word answer or not answered at all.
I joined Nick James.com after leaving an academy in the US who had me in hand for a year and at the end of the course I have picked up a lot over seven different tutors : now having learnt a number of ins and outs in IM  I know that I  have not learnt the basic of things which the course was to hold my hand and explain what and how to build on.
 Nick kept in contact from (cracking the code ) and  as soon as it was possible I signed looking to as is said to hold my hand and moove forward, this again I have not received in the form of direct contact which I applied for in several different ways.
The course received (in DVDs ) is well documented and the speakers are of the highest quality with A>1; ideas for the advanced markrter .    I am still left with the question how to start to put A with B and achieve that first footing on the ladder to start the climb ahead to implement the teachings and ideas of notes made from the speakers
My thoughts, one need a jump start or short-cut given which once on the move makes everything else that much easier to deal with in your path. Internet marketing is so subdevided which I know now, and which if someone does not point it out, one will go around in circles until the cows come in and get no where until it is realised moving from subject to subject does not compute.   For me a monthly news letter is not the answer.
Philip Henry