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Derek Grogan Reviews The Cracking The Code Home Study Course

We are very pleased with the product we purchased.

Nick James is like a breath of fresh air to us. We have spent thousands of pounds on courses from other well known marketing guru’s but never felt the questions we have would be answered or the help given.

Nick sent us a sales letter years ago for a product he was an affiliate of. We learned a great deal but there was always gaps in the teaching. We never felt the support was there. This is no reflection on Nick as he was only promoting another product which in fairness was a good product. However since we bought Cracking the Code from Nick we feel the support, help and encouragement is in place and offered unconditionally. If we were really nit picking and looking for a fault it would only be the “Cracking the Code” set is a few year old and some of the links on the CD-ROM don’t work any more.

In conclusion we think we have DEFINITELY made a good buy here. The system is excellent. The help is even better. We are now big “NICK JAMES” fans. We have no hesitation in recommending any of his products. While training of the best quality is never cheap we feel the “Cracking the Code” product offers exceptional value and we would recommend it to anybody.

Derek Grogan