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Hello Nick,

Just to say that if one has been sitting on the fence all this time like me with fear and trepidation about whether or not to get into the internet marketing business, the Income Secrets download goes a long way towards allaying many of the fears one may have in a simple easy to follow language.



All of us have talents and skills that we may not even know about and which we can easily use to create information products that we can market and make ourselves a lot of money not just from one product but multiple products once we learn the ropes. This will help one to get away from the linear income provided by nine to five jobs, and lead to the creation of financial independence, working from the comfort of their own home,being their own boss, not working to the clock, better quality of life for self and family etc.


Internet marketing has been boosted greatly by the appearance of the internet  itself and the convergence of related factors such as ability to create own website, create products, lead customers to your website and availability of web hosting facilities, the ability of customers to pay using credit cards, change of consumer habits especially shopping on line, availability of cheap broadband, audio and video information dissemination for those who do not wish to read hard copies etc.
What does this mean?It means that you are able to research into markets/niche markets to find out who the customers for your product are and where you can find them, build and capture leads through offering them free samples of the kind of product they are interested in and then slowly encourage/entice them to buy a cheap but still valuable product from you and then gradually build them into back end clients who will buy more detailed products at high prices.This is where your biggest source of money will be. It is important to keep all the clients continously engaged by sending them free gifts, bits of information relevant for whatever level they are at and communicating with all of them them via e-mail, newsletters, tips of the week and also via  membership sites which are graduated depending on the level of the customer.
Clients will be able to find out a lot more details about Income Secrets download and other internet marketing information products on www.nickjames.com