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Nick James… Better Than Chris Farrell?

Hi Nick,

Too much information,you are far too open and generous with your experience and knowledge.
I’m extremely grateful and at the same time confused beyond measure. But that’s just me.

It’s all brilliant stuff and very sound advice.

Just took up your 60 day thing but I’ll be sticking around anyway.

I followed Chris Farrell for a year and read most of his stuff, followed where I could but had a problem understanding email answers to my questions.

You appear to be the only one who nags me in a positive way so expect to need to be dealing with someone who WILL DO AS YOU SUGGEST, as long as it’s one thing at a time, besides, you are right here and accessible.

It makes sense to transfer the few domains I have to your hosting as well and like most boneheads I have written things before finding a starving crowd. Ah Well.

Kind regards,
John Kox-Kirk

P.S. I can hear you already,” Oh God!It’s Fox-Kirk again!”