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What I Thought About Income Secrets by Chris Woollon

Hi Nick,

     As you know I’ve seen the Income Secrets DVD, and I can honestly say [sounds clichéd I know – but with this it really is true] that I have never seen anything like it before – and I’ve seen many opportunities on the Internet.
     The ease with which you explain the process, and how many options there are, also has to be among the best I have seen. There are a load of so-called gurus out there who will give you 90% of the facts, and then leave you floundering as what to do next. I know – I was one of them! Until I came across Nick-James.com, and I’m so glad I did.
     I would recommend the Income Secrets DVD, and Nick-James.com to anyone who wished to pursue an online business.
Kind regards,
Chris Woollon.