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Here’s What Adam Leligdowicz Says About Being A Member Of Nick-James.com

Q1. What is the top reason that has you staying a member of Nick-James.com?

The top reason is the great level of resources available and huge diversity of forum topics you can learn from.

Q2. Please explain specifically how membership to Nick-James.com has helped you. – for example, increased your level of income, improved your computer skills/confidence, helped you to set up your first website or create a new product…

For me I have learned so much from the diversity of topics discussed on the forum knowing that others are or were, in the same position as I was. It has provided me with numerous tools and resources and help me develop my business.

Q3. What do you like most about being a member of the community? Discussion forum? Articles? Video Tutorials? Monthly newsletter?

Firstly the great tools and resources, secondly the reference articles and backup information available in the members area and then the fascinating articles you get in the monthly news letter (which I look forward to receiving each month).

Q4. What makes this site different from other membership sites?

The people!. The community spirit and the great help given by, not only Nick, but other members as well, knowing that you can source help from all levels of Internet marketing experience.

Q5. What would you say to anyone considering joining Nick-James.com?

Go for it! Its the best resource I know of currently available as a “one-stop-shop”.