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Better Than Joe Karbo!

Thank you for the package you sent me it was delivered within 48 hours of ordering, a very prompt service, thanks. As I work away from home I didnt
open the box till Friday night and really got stuck in on Saturday morning.

I am doing all the reading material first and then the DVDs and CD. The most amazing thing so far is the small book called “LIVE BIG. THINK LARGE. ACT SENSIBLY” , what can I say? This is the most inspiring, best written, sensible, down to earth book I have ever read. Because I work away from home all the time I have always carried abook with me called “THE LAZY MANS WAY TO RICHES” by Joe Karbo. This is a very inspiring book and I will still carry this book with me but your book is now no1 and in future will be the first one I read when I need a nudge. If this is the standard of your work I look forward to future things.

One more thing, I dont get a large wage so I am limited to what I can buy so I get as many freebies as I can, but Iam prepared to go the extra mile and
learn as much as I can. This will take me longer to reach my goals but I will get there.

A friend of mine who is a business man (not internet based) has made a wager with me, I say that with a starting bank of £50 I can make £100,000 by
Christmas 2012, he says it is impossible but I know its not, do you think I am right.

Best wishes and once again THANK YOU Trevor.