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Website with a difference.

When Nick asked for some feedback on his website, I thought I’d like to be as objective as possible and from what I have seen, read and joined in with, there is a powerful resource available to all those members who have the drive to learn more. The whole Nick-James package is one of prefessionalism; as well as continually adding value by making the membership more than worth while, with the diversity and depth of the information that is availabe, just on the standard memebership alone. My journey started many years ago, but I just didn’t believe enough in myself; a little self analysis and a 33 year career later, it’s time to revaluate what actually makes one “wealthy”. I am in the first year of an alternative course with a different group of like minded individuals but there is nothing wrong with getting more good information from other sources. A great website and a great method of support through regular mails and reminders to all members (customers) to keep things interesting and everyone engaged. I look forward to finding many new things as I browse the site and join in webinars that interest me. I’d love to be in a position to have developed a similar site in my own name. Great Job Nick!