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Legacy Testionials

I find your articles very informative, but I am at a beginning stage and really feel that I need a basic all round knowledge in order to benefit from them. I think you have a course that might cover this, don’t you ?

Well worth the money

This is top of the range. Very comprehensive and easy to understand video tutorials. Most useful downloads every month and the extensive content on the members website make it well worth the money.

The pleasure of being a member…

The Nick James Membership Website is the most comprehensive site I have ever had the pleasure of being a member. It is not only comprehensive but easy to navigate and very reasonably priced. In addition to these very important points I have received a very quick and efficient response to any questions I have asked which is most unlike other membership sites I have experienced. Having spent thousands of dollars …Read More

Cracking the Code is a superb product!

The above publication (Cracking the Code) is a superb product and just like all Nick’s products is informative, enlightening and easy to follow and, above all very instructive. It inspired me and I now feel more confident and ready to put what Ihave learned into practice. When you have read the book through twice and absorbed the facts and how to use them you will feel ready to start your …Read More

Everything is simple and clear.

I’m a new member of NickJames.com.   I’ve been really impressed with the content on the site.  Nick sends out periodic emails pointing you to various things of interest.  This is really helpful… because there’s such a lot of information a little guidance helps a lot in finding your way around.  Directed to the copywriting section I found a collection of really interesting articles.  Everything is simple and clear.

Great Freebie!

Hi Nick Thanks for giving me this great freebie… lots of quality info there! I cant join the affliate program yet since I haven’t got a website at the moment. I am already a member and have purchased tour ‘Cracking the Code’ course. There is a lot of, lot of material there and am in the process of trawling through all the stuff.

I am with the perfect company!

Hello Nick I would like to give you my thanks. I have been with you now for just 5 weeks and I have never felt so relaxed. I am 63 years of age so you can gather I am not a computer wiz Kid, but you have helped me learn and enjoy every minute I have contacted you, when I log onto the members area I am amazed at the …Read More

One month into my membership!

Hi Nick, I just wanted to relay my thoughts and thanks to you and your team for helping me. For a man that could just about put together an email I now have 2 sites hosted through Nick-James.com (this alone covers the membership fee) and even more importantly the confidence to press on and get things done. Ron Woodham’s beginners videos and webinars have proved priceless and as my knowledge …Read More