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I have not had much dealing with you folks as yet but you seem to be very professional in your approach

My story, or rather what has brought me to this point, goes back over 20 years when as a failed golf tour pro, i got into coaching the game. I have studied and written on my subject with the same enthusiasm i had for playing. Whilst I am a member of the British Pga, I worked at my coaching skill in a solitary away from the pga’s own training division as i believe they are flawed in their approach. Quite simply, what i have developed by working “outside the box” is a quite simply a revelation, or even a revolution in the art of coaching. I now find myself at the point were I intend to make my findings available for the golf masses on-line. Unfortunately my 4 decades of golfing experience in no way serves me in fathoming the intricate workings of the modern computer and internet. I am suffering information overload just as the thousands of clients have whom i have worked with over the years.