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Six Figures A Year In Info Publishing

Nick James’ latest book, Six Figures a Year in Info Publishing, provides an accessible explanation, or, more accurately, a blueprint of the Information Publishing business. He guides the reader around common pitfalls, and effortlessly brings them to a greater understanding of what actually works in this most profitable of business ventures. A truly useful book that is bound to launch the careers of many more millionaire entrepreneurs.

In his latest book, Nick James picks out the threads that make up the Information Publishing business and weaves them into a coherent and accessible form that will encourage and inspire entrepreneurs.

A truly eye-opening book. Nick James, highly successful entrepreneur information publisher, takes the reader by the hand and shows the information business for what it is – a staggeringly profitable venture with almost unbelievable potential. There are mistakes to be made – but Nick guides the reader around them, always pointing the best and clearest way forward. After reading this book you will be in no doubt of how Nick became so successful – and you’ll know that you can be too!