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Hidden PLR

Hidden PLR is a well-organized and detailed but easy to understand training to get your PLR making money for you.

I have soooo many PLR products on my computer, I was forced to buy a new 4TB hard drive so I could get everything on one drive and get organized. But all that did was blow off the dust. The dust quickly started settling again.

Then I saw Nick’s ‘Hidden PLR’ product and decided that I needed to start doing something about all the money sitting on my drive. I was hesitant at first because I’ve been burned recently by buying a lot of low-quality PLR crap. But when I saw the ridiculously low price, I went ahead and purchased it.

Immediately after purchase, you download a zip file. After extracting, you will see three files (Welcome Letter, Hidden PLR Video, and a Video Transcript), and a folder containing your free PLR eBooks – more on these later.

The video is 1 hr. 19 min. 13 sec. in length. Notice I stated, “in length” and not “long”. To say it’s “long” would imply it’s boring or drawn out, as some educational videos are. I don’t usually have time to sit that long watching a video nor do I have the patience unless it’s a movie while relaxing in the evening with my wife.

However, this ‘Hidden PLR’ video is, from start to finish, full of actionable content. Some I already knew but was hidden in a dark closet somewhere in the back of my mind. He helped me find the switch to turn the light on. I watched the whole video in one sitting, which is very rare for me to do because of time constraints and again, no patience, but I paused the video shortly to move some things around on my calendar to free up some time.

If you are on the fence about picking this up, allow me to push you off the fence onto the other side. You won’t get angry at me, but rather, you will thank me and then thank Nick for helping you to finally do something about all those products that you once had a dream about putting into action.

I have zero affiliation with Nick James other than purchasing his ‘Hidden PLR’ product. I didn’t get paid for this comment. In fact, I rarely leave comments but thought that this deserved one because rarely do I come across something that impresses me enough to persuade me to do so.

If you are new to PLR, you simply must purchase this. Do it now, before you fall so far behind and have to buy a new, larger hard drive to hold all those files, not to mention all the money you’re missing out on. And remember the free PLR eBooks that are included. Don’t just look at these as free eBooks you can sell. Actually READ them! You will learn from these which will help you grow your business. Then sell them 🙂

You will soon see that even the crap PLR is able to make money.