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Hidden PLR: The Acronyms Really Help

Hi Nick – Still working my way through Hidden PLR – but I’m happy to give you feedback now.

I love it. I’ve got a virtual heap of PLR gathering cyber dust on my hard drive because I could never figure out quite how to repackage or repurpose it. So it’s just cost me money and space.

Your program is really helpful. You’ve even covered the matter of pricing which I was never sure about previously because I kind of felt that if I hadn’t written it myself, (I’ve published several books and many programs which I have written from scratch), it was some kind of “cheating.”

Now with your system, I no longer feel that. I’ll be offering valuable material at profitable price points. Your system also has opened my eyes up to the possibility of entering multiple niches since I can use PLR and, using your system, edit pre-written material for markets I’d never have touched before.

I’d have one suggestion for a minor – but useful – improvement. The video is long, and I very much appreciate the transcript, but if you could put markers or time stamps of some kind on the video so that viewers can find sections easily that would be a great help. It’s too much to take in in a single viewing as I’m sure you realise. Something for next time!

But you still definitely get 5 stars. Many thanks for such valuable teaching from a true expert.

All good things,