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Instant Email Subscribers and The Ultimate List Of Lead Magnet Ideas

Hi Nick,

Thanks for asking.

I submitted my first batch through List Joe, and the only outcome was 30 SPAM emails from List Joe. Not sure if I’m missing something, here. I haven’t gotten any leads, but am willing to stick with it and perhaps upgrade at some point.

Also, your landing page video is way too long. The only thing that got me through it was your amazing voice. It really could use some graphics or bullet points instead of the text of what you’re saying. Maybe I’m a little critical because I’m a filmmaker, so you know I’m always picking at multi-million dollar films as well… Takes the fun out of it sometimes. ; )

The List of Lead Magnet Ideas, is something I’m saving to read over the weekend. Been too busy otherwise.

It’s a pleasure to receive your info.

Thanks, Linda