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The Internet Marketing Training Club – My Thoughts and Feedback

I have found the clarity of assistance to be a great help. Your experience is clearly expressed, which, for the newbie is of major importance.

By reading and re reading articles, and re running DVDs, viewing again the videos, and all the downloads means the information eventually sinks in. The secret is to keep plugging away at all the aspects, and then it comes together.

Basically, don’t panic and trust Nick to have cracked it long before one joins the programme and therein lies experience.

There is so much information that a newbie needs to know that it could be overwhelming were it not for the joint efforts by Nick and the newcomer being persistent.

The PDF plans by email are full of deep delving content which in themselves are useful and at the same time encouraging.

I have found my contact with Nick and Kate to be extremely helpful. This is the first time I have felt that there are friends helping me instead of ploughing a fairly lonely furrow. Their replies to queries are always business like but with the friendly touch. That I can live with.

The acquisition of knowledge demands cost, but the occasional and unexpected bonus always goes down well and is part of the “above and beyond” approach. Bearing in mind the long term benefits I have to say the products that Nick produces are very good value and also one can sell them as an affiliate.

As a member of the Internet Marketing Training Club I have a huge resource of knowledge on hand. Just a couple of days ago I discovered another beneficial aspect of Kunaki from a posting I found on the Discussion Forum in IMTC.

While I have yet to sell my first product it is well on the way due to helpful advice as I go along, and I know all is going to be fine. Also a second product idea keeps on bubbling up!