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Licensing Workshop Live: Review

By definition a workshop is for solving a problem. The problem to solve here is most marketers, myself included, buy PLR products and never use them for their intended purpose,i.e., to save time and money in creating new products to sell.

But why does this happen? Mostly, I believe, because we do not know what and how to modify a plr product to make it uniquely ours. That, for sure, can no longer be our excuse.

Nick and his graphic designer did a masterful job of demonstrating exactly how to rebrand the title, author name, text, and graphics. Adding a Resource List is a must to increase your sales.They also gave us a list of free and paid tools.

I have seen other how-to modify PLR instructions, but Nick’s is by far the best. I now feel confidant I can do a credible job of creating new products from PLR. Highly recommended!