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Licensing Workshop Live: Value Packed

Strangely, I always saw pdf documents as lead magnets, door openers, or even $20 offers and lower.

At the live workshop, I learned so much about the value of PLRs. The profit potential because of the different ways that anyone can disseminate them.

I had so many ahh haa moments and came up with several ideas on how I can use PLRs to monetize and add value to the marketplace.

It was also interesting to learn three different ways to produce PLRs. A method for everyone, no matter your writing skill, language, knowledge on the topic or situation.

I am very passionate about personal development. PLRs will significantly assist me in monetizing while getting me leads to know, like, and trust me and add value to their lives.

With the information acquired from the live workshop, I expect to add $50k – $100k or more to my business. I’ve purchased other products from Nick, and they provide so much applicable information.