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This looks like a perfect project for my 14 year old son

I first saw the fiverr formula through Nick and liked the concept. However, I already had a number of other projects I was already working on, which left me with no real spare time to focus on something extra. It was my son Charlie, who has just turned 14 that looked over my shoulder and asked me what it was all about! I explained the concept to him and it was seeing his face light up at the simplicity of what was involved that he asked me if I would pay the costs to set him up so he could use this as his first leap into setting up an online business. He is still going through the coaching and his account is live on fiverr. He has already done 3 gigs and is now working on a bigger gig for a company that is going to pay him $100. His goal is to make enough money to pay for his university fees in the USA which will cost over $250,000.