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Premium Profit Product Formula & Fabulous Customer Service

As part of the Premium Profit Product Formula purchase, Nick gave us 3 opportunities to email him with specific questions within the context of the program. I had my doubts that he would ACTUALLY respond back, after all, he is a ‘somebody’ and I imagined I would ‘maybe’ get a generic response back from someone on his staff.

But, I needed to better understand something, so I actually took him up on his offer. By golly, after a few days I got a response back, directly from Nick, apologizing at the start for his delay in responding back to me as he had been in Scotland. He MORE than answered my question as well as gave me some other suggestions on my issue, as if he had read my mind as to what I would ask next. LOL, he was correct in guessing those WOULD be my next questions!

Thank you so very much Nick, you and your products ARE the real deal!!!! Please be on the look-out for questions 2 and 3 from me 🙂