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Read The List And Let It Feed Your Imagination

Nick’s at it again! he’s produced yet another brilliant product. The Ultimate List of Lead Magnets.

He’s presented us with so many ideas that you can’t help but pick a few that you could develop on. I know they’ve sparked a few ideas that I can use.

We all think of Lead Magnets as FREE gifts that we offer to our niche market to get them to opt in to our list and that’s a great first step. But I’m thinking on a step and am about to send out an email autoresponder to my list using a question and answer technique every day over a six day period. Over the six day period my list will learn something everyone seeking to make money online needs to know. On the seventh day as a reward for taking part I will offer them a Lead Magnet designed to get them to purchase a product I’m promoting. Now that’s a powerful tool and I’m using it to promote the actual sale.

Thanks for the idea Nick!

Some people might think ‘what’s all the fuss about a list’ but it’s not the list it’s what you can do with it, let your imagination run riot and you may surprise yourself.

The price of the document is easily affordable especially when you consider the value you can get out of it for your own business. It’s immediately accessible so there is nothing to hold you up.