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The simple product formula

This is amazing value for money, I am still working through the various parts of the report. Having attended a boot camp I went on to learn at an expensive 3 day workshop and although this was very good, I have to admit much of your reports cover the content of the workshop.
I also believe that Nick has an excellent easy to follow professional delivery style in his presentations. If I am not mistaken it is his voice on the boot camp tutorials for setting up the fitness DVDs/videos which after a lot of work is now ready for me and is being launched next week.
In my line of work I have a reasonably successful E book that is being sold via a publisher and has been around for 4 years now, I have now updated this and I am currently working with another internet entrepreneur on a JV basis.
Sometimes though because of the amount of information and learning I feel that you can’t see the wood for the trees and take the right direction that is suitable for me as an individual given my professional work tends to lean towards the older population who are not always internet savvy.
Just one small but important point Nick suggests that it is always best to have a .com domain name, when I was on the 3 day workshop it was suggested that it is best to have a .co.uk address as this gives more credibility? Interesting.
Many thanks for all the information received in my spare time I am working through the advice and tips. Nigel Johnson