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Simple Product Profit Formula – Mind blowing how great this info is!

Nick! What can I say?

I just finished my first read of the Simple Product Profit Formula – I always do a “read-through” on my new info then I go back and hit the details and action steps.

What an amazing product!

I also love the posters I have on my wall, you should make some for all of your products, including the Simple Product Profit Formula, just because the posters so awesome and so is the SPPF.

I am glad to be in your 4-month coaching/training program as well and this is all starting to make much sense to me. I can see the steps which I must take, and the results ahead of me. That is because of how thorough and well-explained your information is. This is great, because that stuff gets people EXCITED to take action! Well, at least it does for me. Hahaha.

I’m sure that I am going to be one of your customers in the “buys almost everything” category but I’m cool with that because I recognize that you are truly able to teach me to get my own such customers.

Thanks so much for all the GREAT info so far! Cheers