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The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Service

Today is a super exciting day for me! Today the inaugural issue of my magazine was published.

I’ve had this dream for a long time but it seemed impossible. I currently work full-time so I don’t have the time or resources to generate enough content to support a monthly magazine. Thus I was stunned when I stumbled on your Internet Marketing Newsletter subscription. Suddenly my dream leaped forward about 10 years and transformed into a goal.

I also want to say how good your content is. As I was going thru final edits last night, I was again impressed with the quality of this PLR content. I’ve heard you mention that many customers will stay with you for years. Add my name of that list!

I hope some day we meet and I can give you a both a BIG hug. 🙂

With much gratitude,
Louise Alma
London, Ontario, Canada