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Working With Us Via The APM Program.

Have you ever wanted someone to create a fully functioning website, put weekly content on it, maintain it, sort out all the gremlins AND create products for you and then install them? How about writing award winning, proven emails?
Well, as the title suggests, anyone investing in the APM programme is working WITH Nick, Kate and their team by creating your totally “Done For You” website including, hosting, content creation, marketing, support desk and even weekly live webinars. (all recorded and placed in a library for you!)
The Affiliate Pro Membership is the best solution for complete newbies or established online marketers.
From day 1, all you have to do is think up a domain name, register it and let the team do the rest!
As a marketing partner, you will be treated as “one of the team” and there is so much help and income opportunities for you to explore as well as given priority with new products and promotions.
I spent about 6 months trying to understand all the nuts and bolts required even before I had a clue about creating a website! Then theres the autoresponder, tracking links, payments, product creation, PLR, email campaigns, follow up sequences, bla, bla, bla, you get the picture I’m sure.
Well save yourself a skip full of time and “get on the programme”
Oh, and “done for you” doesnt mean you cant tweak, add to or adapt your website……theres even a guy called Eric who will hold your hand and guide you through that bit as well!
Good luck ( well, you dont need luck, just this!) and see you on the other side