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WP Download Page Protector – If you use WordPress you NEED this.

Wow! I did not realize how easy it is for someone to steal my products from my ‘Thank you page’ or ‘Download page’.
This software does exactly what it claims.
The order process was as simple as you can get, along with the install instructions and set up.
Now I confess to being a tech dinosaur. The simpler the better.
Well Nick James has this well and truely nailed on.
I have purchased products from Nick and Kate over the years, they are well produced, informative and I find true value in them.
However this is the first piece of software I have purchased from them.
Whenever you are offered a software for less than $40, you normally have to purchase several ‘Up sells’ to make it work as shown in the demo.
This is not the case with th WP Download Page Protector Plugin. One click to buy and its done.
I would recommend This to anyone who uses WordPress, once installed it stops the thieves stealing your hard work!