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WP Download Page Protector – “It’s a game changer!”

For years artists and musicians with digital products have been beholden to the “Gatekeepers” to preside over the logistics for delivering their art to their audience. For that, these Gatekeepers took a cut, perhaps interfered with the branding, yet seemed to be indispensable – if you took issue with their censorious interference with human communication, business practices or how they treat workers as slaves in 3rd world factories, so be it. Nothing to be done.

That time has come to an end, thanks to the Download Page Protector.

With this brilliantly conceived software, music, video, images, stories – you name it – can be delivered to a buyer seamlessly – and guess what? If someone didn’t actually purchase the files, he or she would arrive to a ‘restricted page’ – no access. This means that musicians’ work doesn’t get passed around from person to person, nor does any other piece of art delivered in a digital format get stolen by a non-buyer.

I had a little trouble figuring out how to use this software, so I went to the support page. Within 4 hours I received a response. Nick James himself pointed the time-stamps in the instruction videos. I watched carefully, took notes, and a short time later I had everything up and running in perfect order.

Five stars for software, instructional video for how to use & customer support.