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I think the content of Nick’s book is excellent

I think the content of Nick’s book is excellent, a very pragmatic approach to the difficult work life balance.

I have 5 children who are now grown up and Nick’s book would have been even more use to me when my kids were growing up. The trouble is most books are full of BS whereas this is entirely practical.

Would make the subject of a good niche market, Work Life Balance the Nick James way. At 52 I’ve learnt the lessons the hard way, the content is spot on, spoken from the heart, should be the first purchase or ebook of anyone thinking about start a new business or in fact managing an existing business. Great stuff and no I’m not related to or affiliated, this is a genuine recommendation!

And who am I, CEO of a software company turning over £4m, built the business over 20 years, now starting a number of new businesses for fun and reward.

Philip Reynolds
Poole, Dorset

The testimonial was submitted on 07-Feb-11 at 05:18 AM