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Bill Neild: “Magnificent weekend – total information overload!”

Magnificent weekend – total information overload!

A lot of the content, however, appeared to be aimed at people who already had a business and, therefore, it is not practical at this stage of our journey to take advantage of what was offered (e.g. InfusionSoft at $200 odd  per month).
Matt Bacak could take a leaf out of Andy Harrington’s book (buy why should he? He’s already made mega doing what he’s doing!)
Lesley and I have a few questions about the Entrepreneurs’ Alliance but I’ll e-mail these under separate cover.
Thanks again for a cracking weekend (we were struggling a bit at the end of the day especially Sunday with the over-runs) and maybe a timetable could be produced for other events.
Nothing to do with you but the Hilton was a rip-off! £8.40 for a glass of wine, £2.30 for a tepid coffee, £2 for a small bottle of soda water, £10 for 24hrs Wi-Fi access (as I said at the desk with Chad Kerby – “I just want to use t’interweb not BUY it!”)