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Ian Carter: “What a Wonderful Wizzo Weekend!”

I’ve been to a fair few of these weekend events – call them “bootcamps”, “seminars” or whatever – and come away every time hyped up but overwhelmed. This time it’s different. Although the speakers were – without exception – excellent, what makes the Money Making Mastery 2012 event so special is the follow-up. I now have an actionable plan – and an all-important Accountability Buddy – to make sure I …Read More

Stephen Young

I just want to thank you for organising the Money Making Mastery event which was really awesome. To use the phrase I learned from Matt Bacak, who’s two presentations were full of useful information. The whole weekend was very worthwhile and I can’t wait to implement some of the advice and techniques I’ve learned about and follow up on some of the product information I am receiving.

Barrie Ward: “Fantastic weekend”

First of all I would like to congratulate you on setting up a fantastic weekend and getting my lazy brain working again. I have signed up to join you with the Entrepreneurs Alliance, but I do realize I may not be lucky, It took me 2 hours to get to you Saturday and it seemed to take me two minutes coming back home, and I could have got done for …Read More

Prakash: “I thoroughly enjoyed Money Mastery Weekend”

I thoroughly enjoyed Money Mastery Weekend. Tremendous presentations. The one which were the best were from Andy Harrington and Neil Stafford. I learned a lot from all the speakers and I am raring to put some the new ideas into action. I did not enjoy all the the hard sell by speakers. I know they have to promote the product but why do not just give the one offer price …Read More

Kevin Ebsworth: “How this helped with my journey”

I went to the Money Making Mastery seminar so I was there for the real thing and it left me buzzing as all the information that I received I applied into my project and can already see the results. All I can say about this is that you will need the product as it’s bursting with information, hints and tips. Thanks for the invite Nick Kind Regards Kevin Ebsworth

John McLauchlan:”A weekend to remember”

Money Making Mastery was said to be the weekend that people will remember, where people will move forward with their businesses. They were right… Many people understand the power of association and simply by associating with like minded, successful people that we otherwise hear about or communicate with in an online environment is extremely powerful. The tips and advice given throughout were invaluable, from the excellent Andy Harrington, Nick James, …Read More

Rod Beckford:”The Priceless Event”

Equally I too was just blown away by the level professionalism , delivery and sincerity in the whole event. This event has impacted me to take more action and look at what the experts are really saying. Nothing beats doing it now. For my future i can see all my dreams within very easy reach and the funniest thing is that the ┬ámore success you are the more you have …Read More

Jolyon Baldwin:”Money Making Mastery was a very professional and enjoyable”

Money Making Mastery was a very professional and enjoyable production and very enjoyable. I say this as someone who for 18 years was responsible for putting together Office Equipment Product launches for Canon and the Sales Conferences and Exhibitions There was so much that I wanted to buy into but then one runs into the problem that there are only so many hours in the day and one has to …Read More

Mac Smith:”Absolutely fantastic weekend”

On the way in on Saturday I was asking myself “Why am I doing this, I’m busy”? Well, after the first day I couldn’t wait for the second! Absolutely fantastic weekend. Learned plenty. Not only that but knew about Infusion-soft before but all the guys at work had said “…don’t use them”. After seeing the Boss himself I decided to spend my own personal cash and get the company involved …Read More

Mike August:”I had a great time”

Hi Nick, Just dropping you a few lines to say what a great weekend it was, I thought it was brilliant and all the speakers where excellent.They all gave really great content and information, from which I am sure I can take the best bits from (once my head stops spinning!!) Again thank you,and every one that put so much into making sure we all had a great time. Best …Read More