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“Both Useful and Inspirational”

I had to leave the event early to attend to personal matters and so didn’t manage to see all the speakers but it was clearly very well organised and at a venue which did it justice.

I think the main value of this type of event is that it provides useful insights into what opportunities are available in online marketing and other arenas and what other people are doing and have achieved. This is potentially both useful and inspirational in that it serves to demonstrate what is possible and how this is limited only by ones attitudes and imagination.

Andy Harrington’s set the tone of the event with an opening rallying cry to believe in one’s ability to create radical change in ones life and act with urgency to achieve it. The idea of having an accountability buddy was  actively encouraged if not evangelised and was for me the most important theme of the entire seminar.

Although I missed a good part of it I was still inspired to completely review and rewrite my goals and I intend to make them happen. Well done to Nick for arranging this refreshing call to action to create a more compelling future.