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David Rodgers Talks About Money Making Mastery

Hi Nick,

just after subscribing I was away for all of Christmas and new year, since returning I have been back at work and only started to work my way through the MoneyMakingMastery DVD’s on the 11th Jan, I followed your instructions and haven’t looked at any other websites during this period.

I have to confess I did make a couple of mistakes whilst doing this, my first was making the assumption that in the workbook, speaker one related to disc one etc, etc, it was only when I got to disc ten and turned the page expecting to see speaker ten I realised my mistake, the second mistake was thinking that there were twelve in the series, I went through disc’s eleven and “twelve” this morning and found that I should have listened to “twelve” first, so sorry about that.

I have been to this type of event before so was prepared for the “sell” at the end of each presentation, I have just been reading a couple of the feedbacks left on your site and saw someone didn’t like that part, but that didn’t bother me at all, my overriding experience of the event was very positive, I thoroughly enjoyed Andy Harrington’s presentation, it is not something I want to do myself but if I did, he would definitely be the man to go to, no question.

As I say, I thought the experience of the event was very positive, every speaker knew their subject inside out, the subjects were definitely current and every one of the speakers stressed the need to take action and remain focused on your particular goal, some of the subjects seem initially quite complicated, but when they started to break them down into manageable chunks everyone of them looked doable.

That is part of the problem all of these products are good and it is easy to lose direction and focus, I am sure that this has hampered me in the past, I end up reading and taking in so much information, I eventually stop, this time I don’t want to stop.

I haven’t had time to look around at all of the parts of your site yet, there seems so much content on there it is going to take weeks, because of that it is slightly confusing , but I do hope to make use of the forum and get some help from some like minded people, that forum looks like it will be extremely useful, I think in the past partly for financial reason and partly because I am quite an introvert character, I have tried to do everything on my own, this hasn’t worked as I have hit problems and didn’t know how to solve them, eventually stopping, but I have realized that in order for me to start my business rolling I need to start to create a list and then market to that list and this is what I shall be looking at working on over the next few days,


David Rodgers