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Martin Caswell: I found the MMM event to be just what I needed.

Hi Nick,

I found the MMM event to be just what I needed. Not only to gather loads of valuable, practical and motivational content from the great speakers, but also to network with so many like-minded attendees. Some of which are already on the path to their own success, but many just starting out and finding their way.

Although I have a full-time offline job – leaving home everyday at 7.30am and not getting back before 9.00p – I also made time time to start a few websites and have also created a product too, I still found lots of either new information as well information which I already new but had still not put into practise….which I am now motivated to do.

But the best part of all was the Implementation Kit which you came up with. This is exactly what was needed and is missing from other events which I have attended in the past. This is the blueprint for my own success, and as I already realise, what the successful entrepreneurs use in their every day business life.

I have started using the Implementation Kit to improve the website businesses I have, but also to create new ones to add to my income streams.

My aim is to replace my successful offline business with a successful online business, so that I;m not chasing the clock and sitting in traffic!

Thanks again for putting on such a motivational and extremely helpful event. I hope to be added to your list of Success stories in the not too distant future.

Kind Regards

Martin Caswell