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Jolyon Baldwin:”Money Making Mastery was a very professional and enjoyable”

Money Making Mastery was a very professional and enjoyable production and very enjoyable. I say this as someone who for 18 years was responsible for putting together Office Equipment Product launches for Canon and the Sales Conferences and Exhibitions

There was so much that I wanted to buy into but then one runs into the problem that there are only so many hours in the day and one has to choose which programs one is going to buy into.

I have bought into the possibility of joining the Entrepreneur’s Alliance but I wonder if I have not made a mistake in also signing up for Diane Conklin’s Complete Marketing Systems program. I now worry that it will involve time consuming duplication if I am participating in EA. It might be that trying to take do both will lessen the effectiveness of both as I can only devote about 5 hours a day to my Internet Business.

I also bought into Lee Sandford Trader’s College Beginner’s Course on the basis that I can use it to generate funds to help me develop the Internet Business which will in time produce more passive income.

If there is one criticism of the day it was that the seats were hard after that amount of sitting. But seriously I think that there was probably just too much to be absorbed in the time so too many hours sitting and in the end one has the difficulty of choosing. If one has signed up for a program quickly to take advantage of a time sensitive special offer then later on one might prfeer another program which offers the same end results in terms of internet success but which one might have signed up for if the presenter had been timetabled earlier > A case in point is Neil Stafford who I would have gone for but I had already signed with Diane. Anyway I am sure that she will deliver and the only important thing is that I start bringing in the money. New strategies can come later.

If there was one thing that I think would have pleased many that I spoke to was more How To demonstrations. If one could have seen for example a demonstration of a link being placed on a real Facebook Page and then looked at the effect that it had on traffic and openings. As someone who has not put together a web site never mind driven any traffic to one the most useful thing is to have actual experience of doing this; it would give me such a boost just knowing that I could do it