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Pauline Bishop: “Can’t wait for the product we purchased to arrive and for us to get started!”

Great value for money.
Lots of excellent information from a variety of speakers.
Really useful to find out which services Nick uses and the benefits they can bring to our business. Some, we are very interested in using and will be in contact in the future when we are ready. Great to have these valuable resources on our contact list.
The last speaker was a financial market trader with a great product and gave a different opportunity than the others. This is one we are definitely interested in for the future. Worth staying for.

Can’t wait for the product we purchased to arrive and for us to get started.

Nick’s demonstration with the water and coffee illustrating self doubt was excellent, a great visual for something I suffer from!

Cold water in the intervals was excellent as you needed rehydrating.

Great party

As you’re hoping to go bigger next time these would be some of my concerns.
It would be useful to have tables to enable note taking, hold coffee cups etc. I appreciate this is a space issue and may not be possible.
Sitting for a long period of time was uncomfortable on the chairs.
Each presenter spent at least 20 minutes detailing their offer could this be shortened? If you were not going to purchase that offer (most people probably buy 2 at the most I would think)then you got very bored and wanted to get up and go for the break.
The breaks needed to be longer – sometimes not enough time to go to the toilet and get a drink.