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Allan Robinson Has This To Say About Nick-James.com Membership

Hi Nick

Many thanks for all the contact and indeed the amount of information which I am ploughing through.

As you will be aware we have a website which highlights the products which are quite specialised and with a global market.

However many of the tools which you have provided I intend to use to attract more customers.

I am simply going back to basics having what I would call “dabbled” in internet marketing. Ie producing eshots, flyers etc directed at various
target customers on our database.

I have available a number of new consumer products which will be marketed separately to create a new on line business.

At 63 I am so excited at the prospect of building an on line business and although having looked at other companies/individuals offering assistance
and advice I find your methods (which there are lots of) extremely open, honest and reasonably, straight forward.

I have to admit that my initial dilemma was where do I start.

I have set out the “MAP” and the goal I will achieve, started a mammoth list of actions and now prioritising.

As you say, it takes lots of small steps to climb Everest.

I am open minded and adaptable about learning new techniques and methods and if you have any recommendations at this beginning stage I shall most grateful to take them on board.

Kindest regards