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Andy Moore says www.nick-james.com is a “wonderful site…”

I have tried a great many Internet Marketing so-called biz ops. I have felt that one of the worst things to happen on buying the product is suddenly being   left on your own with hardly any back-up.

I was at the Andrew Reynolds Seminar atBournemouthlast May which really fired me up for this business. Included in the package was a CD with an introduction to the Nick James website. I immediately joined not really knowing what would happen. I watched the Discussion Forum for a while and concluded that, not only Nick but most others too, were genuinely eager to help others along with their experience. I have not looked back since.

If that CD had NOT been in the package atBournemouth, I strongly suspect that I would have drifted along month after month and year after year not doing anything.

With Nick’s and others’ encouragement to keep me going, I am now on the brink of actually starting an Internet Business of my own, a dream I have had for nearly three years. I have my own website…and after a year of studying, am nearly ready to roll her out.

Anyone thinking of learning a new business I would certainly recommend to this site. The articles are extremely useful and very informative – packed with all aspects of Internet Marketing. If you don’t find an answer on this website, you never will…

Nick-James.com has especially helped me with setting up my first website. The forum is one of the best I have ever been on and any questions asked WILL be answered very keenly. It is so good to feel part of that community spirit.

Nick. In my kitchen cupboard there is a bottle of Moet which has been there for nearly two years. My wife and I will open it when we make our first sale.

I will crack it open, pour out the golden bubbly into four glasses, listen to that gorgeous sound of fizz, look at my wife and two beautiful daughters, and drink a toast to you, Nick.

Thanks for such a wonderful site. You have got me for life…

With great appreciation,

Andy Moore