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Gary Gowan has this to say about www.nick-james.com

I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone at nick james.com, nick himself of course but also the members of this great site.

I first joined nick-james.com in 2007, at that time I was a complete techie dunce, I could turn on the computer, surf the net, send an email and that was about it.

The help I have received since joining has been incredible. In the members area there are over 750 How to articles to learn from covering every area of internet business and product development.

There are also hours of video and audio lessons that are worth far more than the membership price.

In the download area there is hundreds of eBooks, software and product development tools all free to members.

There’s also a large section containing resell rights products you can be selling yourself if you have no products of your own, as I didn’t.

The forum is unlike many others I take part in. Unlike the other’s where internet gurus hardly if ever get involved Nick moderates and helps all the members by answering any questions thrown at him. There are also a ton of friendly nick-james.com members on hand to help with any problems you’ve got.

The value of having someone of nicks stature and knowledge helping me and the other members is invaluable and worth far more than the membership fee. His personal consultation would cost thousands of pounds and yet here he is day after day helping all his members.

So where am I now, after all if I was still in the same place now as I was months ago when I joined, being a member would have been a waste of time and money.

Been a member of nick-james.com has changed my internet life, after advice and help from nick I am creating my first product and have a vision of where I am going and a plan to succeed and realise my goals.


None of this would have been possible if I wasn’t a member of this great site.

I am a changed man from the person who signed up for nick-james.com, no longer a techie dunce I am moving forward far faster than I could have believed and my knowledge of product development and internet marketing has change dramatically.

So my advice to anyone thinking of joining nicks-james.com, get in while the price is so low because quite honestly I don’t know how nick provides so much information and personal guidance for so little money.

Thanks again

Gary Gowan