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Jill Porter Talks About Nick-James.com Membership

Hi Nick

Just wanted to let you know how positive and good I feel about the success of my product, I am doing a lot of research and getting together much information, then I will put it onto a master CD and produce a nice glossy booklet to accompany it.


I have received today my Epson P50 printer, which will enable me to print my CD’s aswell as printing photo’s etc.
I really am so pleased I looked through those rose coloured glasses and joined Nick-James.com


Am looking into getting a website set up along with an online business card, do you think I should get some business cards too and do a mail shot to children’s groups i.e. nurseries, playgroups etc.


Look forward to your comments Nick.


Kindest regards

From: Nick James
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 9:04 AM