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Neil Andrew’s Thoughts About His Membership to www.Nick-James.com

Q1. What is the top reason that has you staying a member of Nick-James.com?

Belonging to an extremely helpful and friendly community of people who support each other in their shared goal to be successful Internet marketers. Also the resources available to site members is comprehensive and second to none in all aspects relating to Internet marketing.

Q2. Please explain specifically how membership to Nick-James.com has helped you. – for example, increased your level of income, improved your computer skills/confidence, helped you to set up your first website or create a new product…

A.I am developing a project idea that I wasn’t quite sure how to progress the different stages. From looking at the potential of the idea, learning new PC skills, Product development, marketing the product and building a website. These tasks at first seemed daunting but being a member of Nicks site has given me the confidence and skills to pursue my goal. I now have a clear and focused direction in moving forward and accomplishing my project.

Q3. What do you like most about being a member of the community? Discussion forum? Articles? Video Tutorials? Monthly newsletter?

A. I like all the articles, videos and the monthly newsletter is brilliant- I have usually read it within an hour of receiving it. However the discussion forum is always the place I know I can get excellent advice and direction from when I need answers to all things related to Internet Marketing.

Q4. What makes this site different from other membership sites?

A. I’m not sure because I’ve never belonged to another membership site. I just felt instinctively that this was the best one to join because I was already aware of Nicks reputation in the Internet Marketing world. I feel my decision has been vindicated.

Q5. What would you say to anyone considering joining Nick-James.com?

A. If you have a desire to become successful and financially independent through Internet marketing and information publishing, then this site ticks all the boxes.The vast extent of resources to help you achieve your goals for what I consider a low monthly subscription cost offers fantastic value that would be hard to beat anywhere.

Neil Andrew, Manchester, Lancashire, UK.