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I’ve stayed a member of Nick-James.com for several year because of the wonderful service and advice which I receive from Nick and Emma and the Forum members. They do not come any better.

When I joined Nick James.Com I could hardly use a Computer, since then through the workings of Nick’s advice and assistance, I have now Two Websites with Sales Letters and Graphics, Eleven other websites ready to promote and I am now creating a Private Students Home Study Course which will last 8 Months. Without Nick’s personal advice and training, I would still be struggling. Well Done Nick.

One of the best thing’s about Nick-James.com is that if you have a problem, which sometimes I do, Nick will answer it the day after. You also get the advice of other Forum members, who will direct you in the right way ahead.You can also ask the advice from Emma, who is worth her weight in gold.

There are lots of other sites which do attempt to answer your problems, but with Nick- Jame.com, you get all the advice from both Nick and other members. But if you are really stuck, you can telephone him with any problems and he is there in person to answer all your problems. And he does not charge for this. This is because Nick really cares about his members. Nothing is too much for Nick to do for his members.

If you are thinking of joining, here’s what I suggest: First take out a trial membership,  have a total browse of what his site has to offer, there is an awful lot to see and read.

Then, introduce yourself to as many forum members as you can. Ask them to assist you if this necessary, treat both Nick and all members as you would like to be treated yourself- with respect.

Join in with all that’s going on on the site and Forum, be part of one very large happy family.

Do not be afraid to ask a question which you may feel is a stupid question, because the only stupid questions, are the one’s you don’t ask.

Treat all members and especially Nick with total respect, talk with them all. and any problems, ask and you will receive.This is one very large and happy family.

And I would add one further very important point, when you telephone Nick’s Office, you are greeted with one of the nicest person you will ever meet, she is like an angel from heaven. Her Name is EMMA. Treat her with respect.