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Vince Mullowney says www.nick-james.com is “a gold mine of info…”

Just a quick feedback about the member site experience. As you know I am a fan of the idea of networking and feel a warm family feeling when on the forum part of the site. I believe the amount of articles you have put up on the site is invaluable to any person starting out or indeed experienced in the direct response business world both on and off line.

I know you are familiar with Ted Nicolas and as a great copy writer even he admits to lots of failures or things that don’t always turn out as expected. I remember him saying on a number of occasions that his heart goes out to those who succeed with their first attempt only to then have a string of failures and then they quit. People need to be told the truth so when reality happens they are not put off and quit. One of the good things about the forum is that those who comment tell of their problems and the response from other members is usually so good that the problems are solved. A gold mine of info is how I would describe it.

Vince Mullowney