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Excellent products, highly recommended!

I consider myself to have had a long term relationship with Nick James since 2011 and highly recommend him, his team and his products/services, let me explain further….
I’m a serial mompreneur with a wide and varied skillset and always found myself moving onto the next shiny thing.
I was in full time employment for 15 years and I am no stranger to the high-flying corporate jobs in multi-national organisations. This was ok for me, until I became pregnant and had my son. Then things changed, and the change was in me…
I suddenly wanted something different, I wanted to spend time with my child and not have to go to work everyday. When I told my husband I was resigning from my job, he thought I’d lost it.
Fast forward to 2011, as an unemployed single mom with a son under five years of age, I was reluctant to return to full time employment. As a result I had spent the years since the birth of my son, looking for work at home opportunities, unsuccessfully I might add.
During this time, I fell prey to many a scam which left me with debts on my credit cards etc. I was at this stage in life when I was thinking about ‘giving in’ and going back to full-time employment.
However, towards the end of 2011 I then came across an offer for the Cracking The Code Home Study Course and Private Protégé Program from Nick James. Having being scammed several times between 2008 and 2011, I was understandably wary.
What made a big difference to me deciding to try this out was that included in the package was an offer of a one-to-one consultation with Nick James.
I read through the Cracking The Code Home Study Course materials and watched the videos and then decided to book the pro offered one-to-one consultation with Nick James.
Fortunately, Nick lived not too far away from me in Reading, so I was able to attend any events that he extended invitations to and get there via a quick train ride from Uxbridge/West Drayton area.
So I had the meeting with Nick on 7th June 2012, he even bought me a coffee (-: and he gave me some ideas and expanded on some of my existing ideas. It was an extremely productive meeting for me.
The thing that struck me most about Nick is the fact that he is very approachable and very down to earth. His honesty comes through in everything that he does.
From a combination of the meeting with Nick and his courses/membership website I have been able to come up with a concrete Internet marketing blueprint for a product …MYSELF!
I chose my niche to be Work At Home Moms (using the American spelling of course), and I am positioning myself as the expert Work At Home Mom and Mompreneur.
As a result of this meeting I then started writing my first book and began to structure my websites using the information gleaned from Nick and the course.
Being strapped for cash and without a lot of start up capital, using the advice from the above resources I managed to set up my websites and publish my first book, ‘How to become a Successful Work At Home Mom’ and make it available on Amazon.

I went one step further and in addition to the Kindle version of the book, I also published a paperback version and I am making steady sales (nothing earth shattering), but real money from my efforts, (so exciting).
I was so excited when I made my first book sale! And got my first reviews in the US and in the UK.
I am also proud to say that I did a Kindle book promotion between 23 – 25 January 2013 which resulted in 8,992 copies of my book being downloaded from Amazon and which led to the beginning of my mailing list! I still intend to do a lot more marketing for the book and perhaps publish an updated version.
As at the time of writing this, I am working on a membership website project which should go live soon.
In February 2013, I presented my book to a group of authors at an Author’s Bootcamp in London, and had the opportunity to network, make some more sales, and further establish myself and my brand as an authority.
So, as I write this at the end of 2014, I’m finally at a stage where I’m beginning to see real life results for my internet marketing efforts…”
I cannot recommend Nick James enough as an individual and therefore any products/services he creates or recommends. This is why I signed up to the Fiverr formula with no hesitation and have tabled it in to get started in January. It is my intention to add it to my existing portfolio as an entrepreneur (mompreneur!).