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Excited about starting The Fiverr Formula

From day one of ordering The Fiverr Formula, I was kept updated with what was going on with my order. Received the login details for The Internet Training Club which allowed access to The Fiverr Formula training material which allows you to go through the details before receiving the MP3 player.

Had some questions, which where answered very quickly by Nick, Paul and support. I chose the Premium package special offer of £50 which I think is very good for information and support.

I have yet to start a gig as I have only just received the MP3 player but plan to go live this weekend. Out of all I have looked at over the years, this is by far the most interesting business idea that I have been involved with, especially with the support and chat area for Fiver Formula members to help each other.

I am really excited about this business venture & look forward to working with Nick and Paul.

This will not end up on the book shelf.

Alan Baker