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Potentially very useful info.

I got the mp3 player with the Fiverr formula audio on it (very neat presentation!) and listened to it two days ago. I found it really encouraging and thought “Well, I may not be able to buy a house with my profits, but if I can even manage a tenth of what he earned that’s pretty good!”
So, full of enthusiasm, I listed my first two gigs on Fiverr yesterday – it was just as easy as the recording suggested. It’s really easy to tweak your offer and I haven’t spent any time developing a product, so I’ll leave it a few days to see what sort of response I get and then take another look at my offer if necessary. I think there are probably promotional tools on Fiverr that I haven’t yet discovered, and it would have been useful to have a bit more detail in the interview about how best to promote your gigs.
Other than that it seems to be a good, genuine product, and I look forward to getting some results from it!
Apart from that, I’m really pleased