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Extremely pleased with my purchase of TheFiverrFormula

I have been very gratified with the contact I’ve had with Nick, Kate, & Paul over my purchase of TheFiverrFormula – engaging & speedy.

The package itself is a massive eye-opener from me, and am in process of digesting all the material (for a 2nd time!), and realising the power of the materials and processes within.

The MP3s and the PDFs fully cover what a beginner needs to know & apply to become a fully independent out-sourced worker, doing simple (3 minute) micro-jobs (the MP3 player’s well-handy to listen to on the go).

I consider this package to be of massive value for the price paid (which includes 60 days trial membership of InternetMarketingTrainingClub – could take me the 60 days just to digest all the other internet marketing materials to be found here!).

I’m itching to get started with my account at Fiverr – Paul’s highlighted a TON of easy-to-start Gigs, and sparked thoughts of other gigs that will make a project I’ve been keen to start real easy to get going (can’t say a lot here, but we’re talking Life Purpose stuff. Sweet!).

It will take some work to start (30 minutes a day not too much for you, I hope?), and looks easy to build and generate from there.

Can’t wait to start posting results soon!

Malcolm Kelly, Broughty Ferry, Scotland